A website has the basic structure of a Homepage, About Us Page, Products and Services page and a Contact Us page. Various other pages can be added to this basic format of website depending on the type of business. The best one is created by the convergence of technological development expertise with creative skills. This occurs when the backstage technical programming is combined with aesthetic design to form a website project that is visually appealing. This also serves as an effective marketing tool and is strategic in improving the face value and market share of the company online. Such a project is a success not only with the human visitors but also with search engine spiders.

There are certain features that make a website a success. These include consistency, visual appeal, ease of navigation and quality content. Consistency is of the utmost importance in any quality website project. Here, each individual aspect relates to the rest, and the overall image, appeal and functionality is uniform. A professional firm is the best option here. The visual impact is the next important thing that goes a long way in deciding the search engine optimization.

Therefore, the custom website has to have a good design with essential Meta tags. In other words, it must include appealing graphics, images and complementary color schemes which produce an engaging visual effect combined with original content related to Meta tags. This is an important feature of an outstanding website. The first few seconds of a visitor are most crucial to the success. Therefore, if it is visually engaging, the visitor would be prompted to spend more time browsing. From a business perspective, a great visual appeal is the best way to convert first time visitors into a long term repeat customers. However, if the website is unappealing, the visitor will be repulsed and may not want to do business with the company.

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A website with an easy navigation is a boon in disguise for users. It is an important feature as it allows the visitors, the convenience of finding exactly what they are looking for. Therefore, it should essentially have a clearly labeled navigation bar that is self-explanatory. This also represents behind-the-scenes programming in web development which is critical in enhancing SEO. High quality original matter is surely the excellent way of accomplishing an outstanding web design. Most visitors are intrigued by original information that has been optimized with targeted keywords and this is also useful in drawing organic SEO traffic.

The responsibility of making a site does not end with and marketing, buy it goes on till the site is live and uptime monitoring plays a crucial role. When your site is live for the users, you have to employ a certain service or application for uptime monitoring, so that your users can always have good experience.

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