Hunting Flashlight

We will need a powerful flashlight with a smooth reflector that projects the light at a long distance and fixes it at a specific point. The minimum range should be 200 meters and will need a coupling for the weapon. There are red or green hunting flashlight for the reason that there are animals that do not distinguish these colors. If you are looking for a powerful and not too large flashlight, Klarus XT30 may be your best choice.

Hiking or Trekking Flashlight

To carry out this type of activity, you will need a flashlight that allows you to have your hands free. You have to take into account two factors that depend on the intensity and difficulty of your activity, the weight and the autonomy of your flashlight. A very heavy one with little autonomy will not serve you for long and difficult routes by the mountain.

Running Flashlight

For this type of activity, the weight is fundamental, so you will need a light one. You must take into account where you go to run. If it is the mountain, you need a more powerful flashlight and preferably a launcher, so as not to trip over the irregularities of the terrain.

Cycling Flashlight

To practice this sport, the power of light is the most important aspect and it should provide good visibility both long and short range. There are models of flashlights that offer that double beam of light.

A bicycle flashlight can be installed on both the handlebar and the helmet. If you decide on the handlebar, you will have a more fixed and defined lighting by the movement of the bicycle. With attachment to the helmet, it will allow you to better illuminate the curves or elements of the bike itself and you will be able to direct the light more freely.

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Tactical Flashlights

For extreme sports, survival and rescue tasks, you we must opt for the most powerful flashlights with maximum autonomy. You should have at least 500 lumens to get all the power with at least three modes of operation plus SOS mode.

It is recommended that they work with lithium batteries, as it takes advantage of all the power offered by the LEDs, which is submersible, and water resistant. It is important that the casing is a material resistant to shocks and non-slip, since for many of these activities gloves are necessary.

There are flashlights that carry a lock on the power button, which helps the flashlight not to accidentally ignite in the backpack when unconsciously pressed for some reason.

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