New phones are introduced every now and then, so what can a person do? Yes, you are right, you are always able to choose from the one that is different and also high in many features as compared to the other phones that are already on the market. There are different Smartphones available on different prices, but make sure that you get one which has every feature you need, this way you will actually make use of features on a phone and will make your life easier.

Today we are going to know about a new phone, Huawei P10, I am sure that many of you already know about this brand. This is not a much old brand, but since its introduced people are loving specific different mobile models by this company, also these phones are budget friendly Household

This is a good phone if you are buying a new phone after 2 years, but in general there are not many new features in this phone. You will be not amazed by every feature this phone has got. Right now this phone is not available in US, and it’s not clear yet why it isn’t allowed to be launched in the US. If you live there, and want this model, you may want to import it. This phone will not work with Verizon and Sprint, so watch out for that.

Finger Print Scanner

This is one of the most amazing thing about this specific phone, it has that special finger print scanner. You are also able to find this feature in many other phones, but when it comes to this model things are a little bit different for sure. The company says, that they have done it in order to experiment and let the users know about different features they have to amaze them.

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It’s a common thing that when you first get a phone, you feel a bit hesitant, but with some time you are used to every feature that phone has to offer you.


You may think that it has a basic camera, but in reality this is not the truth. This phone has an upgraded camera as to the ones which are introduced before this one. We all know that the image taking power of a phone has become the basic thing according to which a phone is now considered to be bought, if we talk about this phone, then there is no reason you would want to reject this phone. It has the Leica-branded trait mode which helps the facial beautification mode further. It means that this is one of the best phone for the ladies, as they love taking selfies and enjoying their looks every day.

The Look

We all know that it looks a lot like the basic Apple’s product, but in features it is actually very different also. It is also has a QHD resolution panel, which helps to use this phone easily. For a person who has never used any Smartphone, Huawei P10 UAE is a good start.

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