The hookah is known depending on the place as hookah, bong, nàrgil in Persian which means coconut, huqqa, which it means in Arabic small box, jug or jar or Shisha, Shishe in Persian meaning glass. It is an instrument that is used to smoke cigars with special molasses which have nothing to do with other tobaccos.

Its origin is uncertain, although it is believed that it was India, China or Egypt about 600 years ago, being in principle the base formed by coconut shell and it has evolved until the glass or acrylic today. There is also the belief that shisha was invented by the Arabs and spread throughout the world. Let me allow you to introduce ourselves more in this world of hookah.

What Parts Form a hookah?

There are several styles and shapes of hookahs, however, its parts and functions are always the same. Here I go on to explain from top to bottom which parts it has and what those parts do;

1 – Pan

Commonly made of ceramic to withstand heat, and inside it has a number of holes from where smoke passes through. It is hollow in its upper part and this is where the tobacco is covered by a foil of perforated aluminum foil which is placed in it and on which is placed the coal that ignites the tobacco.

2 – Body

This is a pipe that connects the pan with the base, and which also houses the connector hose and air valve. It is usually made of some kind of stainless metal.

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3 – Base

Usually it is made of glass and is contained in the water.

4 – Hose

It is a suction duct where smoke is produced.

What are the functions of these parts?

When aspirated through the hose, the difference in pressure causes the air to pass through the bowl, on which the tobacco pill is placed and which is excited by the same air and goes to the base. At the base the air comes in contact with the water, filtering and cleaning of impurities.

The tobacco does not get burned, but only heats up, producing the smoke characteristic of the fumes, which usually last about one hour. Thus, smoking shisha is something very soft which is not at all like to smoke a cigarette.

As it has been said above, it has nothing to do with other tobaccos, since these are composed of fairly fine tobacco leaves washed many times and mixed with molasses or cane honey in addition to the additives to get them to have some flavor.

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