Created in 1965, Medicare has been designed to provide the medical coverage to the people in Social Security matters. Medicare is administered by the Federal Government.

Its Part A provides coverage for the hospital stays and emergency care. The Part B covers doctor visits and routine health procedures. The most dangerous thing about not joining the Medicare Part B is that in addition to the penalties, it is quite possible that every time you visit the doctor, you will receive treatments that are only covered by Medicare Part B and not Part A.

The Medicare Part C, also called a Medicare Advantage Plan, is like an HMO or PPO that is Medicare-approved and managed by the private companies. It combines the benefits of Parts A and B, and also gives you the option to add Part D coverage, if it is not already included.

The Part D helps reduce your prescription drug costs, and you are usually charged a fee for each health or supply service you get.

Part A in Detail

Part A helps cover the following medical services;

  • Hospitalization services in hospitals
  • Inpatient services at a skilled nursing facility
  • Hospital Care Services
  • Home Health Care Services

In case of original Medicare, you can use Medicare card to get the services covered by the Medicare. If you have joined Medicare health plan, in most cases, you must use the card to get your covered services.

How much do I pay for covered Part A services?

In case of Medicare health plan or some other insurance service such as a Medicare Supplement Insurance or employer or union, the costs may be different. You can contact the plans providing services you are interested in knowing about the costs.

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In case the hospital takes the blood from the blood bank at no cost, you will not have to make the payment or substitute for the blood used for you. I case hospital purchase the blood, you must pay the costs of hospitalization for the first there pints of blood you receive within the calendar year or donate get it donated by some other person.

Home Health Services

Medicare covers part-time medically needed or recurrent skilled speech pathology services, and/or services for people with enduring requirement for the occupational therapy. A doctor is supposed to see you face-to-face before confirming that you require home healthcare facility.

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