Psychological Problems

There are a lot of addicts who also have psychological problems such as anxiety and depression or others, or they have grown up in the dysfunctional families. It is not uncommon for them to be the victims of abuse or neglect, personality disorders or post-traumatic stress disorder. When you combine the emotional pain caused by these problems with the genetic predisposition, it is really difficult to escape.

From Abuse to Dependency

With the abuse of substance, dependence begins to appear with the changes in the brain. At this point, it is when we can begin to talk about the existence of a disease. The continued use of the addictive substance turn out to be the central axis of the addict’s life and everything else such as work and relationships come to be less important in victim’s life.

The Type of Substance Used

The type of substance that is used also exerts a great influence for the reason that there are substances such as the crack, which is highly addictive, being able to cause a severe addiction in a person without any genetic predisposition.

Alcohol is less addictive. For this reason, we can see how a person who has been abusing the alcohol for a period of time, perhaps in a period of intense stress, manages to stop when he or she begins to be aware of the consequences that alcohol is having in his or her life. By not having this genetic predisposition, the dependence does not develop with the same facility, which does not mean that it cannot develop. For this reason, some people grow to be addicted more easily than the others.

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Are there any addicts in your family?

In case there are addicts in your family, there is a possibility that you also have that predisposition, so you are supposed to be very careful with the use of alcohol and drugs of all kinds which includes tobacco as well. If you have a large number of alcoholics in your family, you should absolutely refrain from trying alcohol if you do not want to be a victim of alcohol addiction.

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