The floor is an important component in creating the ambiance anyone wants for their house. The floor largely affects the overall look of the house, thus a good looking floor results to a good looking house and otherwise. In the recent time, the laminate flooring has been popular. It is called floating wood flooring in United States and Canada. The laminate flooring is basically a multilayer synthetic product made up of melamine resin that undergone a lamination process. The laminate flooring often simulates the look of wood flooring with the photographic appliqué layer that is covered by a clear protective layer that gives off a glossy look. A clean, elegant and luxurious looking house can be easily achieved with the use of laminate flooring.

In order to get an impression about the weight and quality of laminate flooring products, watch instructional videos, webinars and read instructional books to learn about what specific tools are necessary. If you are planning on doing a full installation by yourself, some of the others factors to consider before making a determination as to what type of flooring to select are as follows ;

Where is the laminate flooring going to be used?
How long will the flooring be in place?

A prerequisite for DIY installation and for professional installation is to consider if laminate is the right choice of flooring for you. Start out by examining the pros and cons of laminate flooring by reading laminate flooring reviews.

Pros of Laminate Flooring

It is economical and has low maintenance cost as well along with ease.
Easy assembly
Attractive and durable
Scratch, dent, stain and fade resistant
Extended warranties available for up to 30 years

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Cons of Laminate Flooring

It is susceptible to water damage.
Can crack and swell when exposed to direct sunlight and excessive UV light
Not suitable for high moisture environments such as bathrooms and kitchens
If improperly installed, floors can click or make a hollow sound
Cannot be refinished or painted
Difficult to spot repair, if damaged the entire floor must be replaced
Laminate flooring doesn’t work well with heated floors; damage may occur that is not covered

All laminate flooring is manufactured according to rigid standards as established by the North American Laminate Flooring Association (NALFA). When purchasing laminate flooring for DIY projects from a flooring liquidator or from a wholesale flooring distributor, it is a good idea to always look for the NALFA seal of approval.

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