When it comes to choosing the best deck paint that will certainly satisfy your requirements, the things can get a little tricky. First and foremost, you have to decide what type of the deck paint you want to use. In order to make that decision, you need to know the types of deck paints. There are two types namely water acrylic based and oil based ones. They come bearing a different set of the advantages and the disadvantages, so you need to figure out which set you are more comfortable with.

Water Acrylic Based Paint

The water acrylic based paint only forms an outer covering over the wood and it is unable to penetrate the wood and diffuse into its inner structure. While this outer covering is quite thick, but the inability to penetrate means that the paint will not be able to impart a very strong layer of the protectiveness to the wood.

Oil Based Paint

The oil based, on the other hand, does penetrate the wood very well, so it is able for sure to impart a better protection to the wood against friction it has to bear with the passage of time. But the oil based tends to fade with time and with washing, while the acrylic tends to chip away when it is exposed to the strong sunlight. Hence, the products are widely classified into these two types, while there may be some which offer a mixture of both the types. Here I let you know a brand of acrylic water based paint.

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Rust-Oleum Painters Touch Latex

When it comes to acrylic water based paints, the Rust-Oleum undoubtedly leads the way. This is because it manages to neutralize some of the disadvantages a water based paint may impart. The main con of a water based paint is that it tends to chip away after prolonged exposure to UV rays of the sunlight, but the Rust-Oleum solves this problem. Hence it provides far greater durability than other acrylic paints, propelling the category to rival the durability of even oil based paints. Apart from these distinctive features, it also is easier to apply, dries quickly, and can be washed easily with soap and water. No only on wood, it can also be used on materials like metal, masonry, and plaster. And you get all that at a price that in no way surpasses the quality on offer. There are other options as well,

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