The gun holster has a main function which is to carry the weapon while we do not use it, in a way that does not hinder our activities, and prevents it from falling or being damaged. But it also has an accessory function that the gun is accessible when we need it. This will influence our way of dressing and our activities, issues that must be carefully studied. Many comrades buy their holsters or carry their weapons in fashionable positions instead of delimiting their needs. The holster to carry the concealed weapon has the following priorities;

Although concealed, it must be quickly accessible when we need the gun. By eliminating the risk of being taken away, we eliminate the need for restraint systems. This type of holster should not carry these elements as opposed to those of service.
You must hide the gun in public view, hiding its forms not only by standing erect, but also by stooping, sitting, walking, etc.
As the last priority, I will include the ability to carry the weapon comfortably, as long as it does not compromise the previous 2. Many B-licensees end up leaving the gun at home after mistakenly choosing the holster and being uncomfortable to go protected.

We can carry the weapon in the following locations in a holster;

Belt Holster

Among these, there are two major categories, inside the belt or IWB (Inside the Waist Band), and outside the belt (OWB, Outside the Waist Band). Regardless of the type chosen, the further back the gun, the greater the angle at which the holster must present the handle, so that it is accessible.

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This is the acronym for Small of the Back/Middle of the Back. It is a type of sheath that is placed in the central part of the back, with the weapon almost horizontal with the handle upwards. This type of cover puts the emphasis on concealment, since it does not produce bulges in the sides, but it is uncomfortable if we have to sit, the weapon is not accessible, or completely

inaccessible if we are driving, and presents a very serious problem. If we fall with our backs on a hard floor or are pushed against a wall, which is very likely if we fight hand-to-hand with an aggressor, we run a serious risk of spinal injuries and paraplegic injuries. We can also cross some part of our body with the axis of the barrel when drawing under stress. Therefore, this type of holster is not recommended in any case, neither for the weapon nor for other accessories like boots, handcuffs, etc. We recommend you to go for the best concealed carry holster to stay safe and secure.

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