In general, an auditorium (a number of seating positions semicircular manner in the Roman amphitheater) is the space inside a theater, a cinema, a concert hall, a school or other public space (even outdoors) when attended by a public to listen and/or watch an event or presentation of cultural, educational, political or social i.e. show, concert, movie, play, examination, concert, conference, public reading, performance, happening, party, rally, discussion, conference, meeting, etc. in the specific case of cinemas, auditorium number is usually expressed as the number of rooms.

By extension, auditorium is also called a group of people listening or observing a representation, that is, the term is also applied to refer to the audience. In the theater area, it is the building in which the opponent is to be in front, and without using as many services as stage props, side cutaways, wineries and scenery workshops. What is necessary is good acoustics.


There are numerous types of auditoriums which are mentioned below.


They usually are located in public squares, parks and gardens;its function is to give the public a place to conduct mass meetings, concerts and other civic events and cultural character.


They are in educational institutions and are designed in terms of economic resources and the level of school teaching, and the capacity of seats is calculated according to the number or percentage of students.

Municipal, State and National

They differ in the number of spectators and their geographical location.


They are spaces that integrate certain genre of building, serving small groups of workers, administrative staff, managers, visitors, and so on. In them training and refresher courses are conducted, among others.

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Areas of the Auditorium

Outside Area

  • Square
  • Access (public, personal, actors)
  • Parking and green areas

Administrative Area

  • Access
  • Reception and control
  • Waiting room
  • Secretarial area
  • Administrator cubicle

To make an appealing auditorium, the space in question is supposed to wide enough to entertain a good number of people. In addition, the seating arrangement should be well organized. The duration of a session in an auditorium generally lasts for an hour and sometimes even more. Therefore, when it comes to the selection of chairs, you better make a careful choice so that the attendees can have comfortable time in the session. It is also very important that you have clear sound system so that the attendees can listen to the speakers and do not miss any details.

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