An herb grinder is a mechanism that is used to grind up plant material for consumption or to be smoked. Usually grinders that are used to prepare spices for cooking are called spice grinders and grinders used to prepare plant matter for smoking are called herb grinders.

An herb grinder is usually used to grind up marijuana whose buds can be ground into fine particles by the best herb grinder. These fine particles of weed are then used in bongs, pipes, vaporizers, joints and blunts. The advantage of using an herb grinder to prepare weed as opposed to cutting weed with scissors or tearing it by hand is that the herb grinder grinds the cannabis into small pieces that are just the right size to burn evenly and to keep from poking holes in rolling paper.

Another advantage of using an herb grinder instead of other means of preparing marijuana buds is the crystals on the marijuana bud will usually stick to the skin on fingers due to the finger’s moisture content. Also, marijuana buds prepared with dull scissors isn’t any better. With dull scissors, more pressure is required for the scissors to cut and this pressure eventually causes the sticky crystals to attach themselves to the scissors. It is also very tedious and hard to cut cannabis buds into even particles. The idea of preparing weed is to maximize the potency while transforming the weed into a smoking state. This can be easily accomplished with an herb grinder.

An herb grinder-pollinator is a special type of herb grinder mainly used for marijuana. It is also referred as a pollinator which does everything an herb grinder does, but a pollinator has one or more filters. These filters separate the ground marijuana used in joints and pipes from THC resin/kief or trichomes also called hashish powder used to make hashish. The resin is usually collected from pollinator after several uses and is pressed into hashish using a pollen press.

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Aside from grinding marijuana, herb grinders are also used to grind tobacco for consumption. They are used to grind tobacco leaves into particles fit for smoking. Another form of tobacco is called snuff which is finely ground tobacco. Snuff is like powder and is either snorted or applied to the gums, in which case it is called dipping tobacco or ‘the dip’. The only way to make snuff from whole tobacco leaves is with a snuff grinder or powder grinder. Because of how fine the tobacco must be to be snorted or applied to the gums it cannot be torn by hand or cut with scissors. Snuff is increasing in popularity due to more non-smoking laws.

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