MyVegas Slots is the only free casino application that offers players the chance to win real life prizes such as buffets and free nights at the hotels such as Bellagio, ARIA, MGM Grand, Madalay Bay, Mirage, the tickets for Cirque du Soleil, Las Vegas monorail tickets and even the drink packs on RoyalCaribben cruises.

What do you need to start for winning the rewards?

You have to do the three unique things which are follows;
Visit the application page of MyVegas
Get a Mlife card
Have free time to play and I mean lots of free time because it is addictive.

It is played mainly on Facebook, so you need to have an account and download the game on your computer, although there are also a pair of mobile versions such as MyVegas Slots and Blackjack-MyVegas. For these last two, you have to associate them with the same Facebook account to always accumulate the points in your account regardless of whether you play from the mobile or from the computer.

You will also need to get the free Mlife member card. The Mlife program is a kind of loyalty card associated with MGM resorts and it will be necessary to identify you physically when you will be requesting and collecting your prizes. You should visit the Mlife page and register as you would do on any other website. At the time you register, you will be given a membership number, the physical card will not be available to you until you go to Las Vegas and pick it up at one of the Mlife stands.

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MLife card to collect in Las Vegas

Both the Facebook account and the Mlife card must be in the name of a real person for the reason that once you arrive in the city of Las Vegas, you will be asked to identify yourself with a photo or a passport to redeem the prizes.

And finally you just play, play and play. If you are reading this and your trip starts to seem short, do not bother to continue for the reason that you will not have time to get the points. If you still have a few months ahead and spare time, you should go ahead. Simply, the more you play, the more points you will get and as a result, the better prizes you will have and without having prepared it.

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