There is complexity in the Algorithm of Google PageRank. It is so complex that people have very little knowledge of it and also it is very difficult to understand. Understanding the concept of PageRank (PR) is very important in order to increase the rank of your website on the search engines.

Google PageRank can be compared to the music chart of the Billboard. Music chart album shows you about the ranks of the song or album which is on the top or is most popular. In case of music, the fame and popularity is determined by analyzing the sales and the visits to that particular site.

Same is the case with the websites as is the case with music, but here the complexity is quite more than as compared to the case of music albums. Here only one aspect is not sufficient to determine the popularity of the website but there are several other aspects involved as well. The combination of various factors is applied by Google PageRank System. The rank then given to the website is used to decide about the importance of a site and what will be the ranking of that site on the Google chart.

If you are an owner of a website or an SEO expert, it is easy for you to understand the Google PR Algorithm. A term backlink is used to determine the importance of a site on Google. You have to concentrate on the backlinks if you want to increase your PageRank. There are two important aspects to increase the PageRank and they are as follows;

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Link Your Site with High PageRank Sites

You are important if you have high PR, so priority is given by Google to your site if you are linked with sites having high PR.

Receiving More Backlinks

It is quite difficult to get sites with high PageRank and links to them, so most of the time you get the links to the site having even small PageRank. This is also recognized by Google and in that case a much smaller value is assigned to the link. These low PR sites are also noticeable and considered to some extent.

Other factors are getting links from ‘.edu’ because they have value which is highly considered. Now quality is of high importance for better performance in the search engines, so focus on quality first. It has been very unfortunate that Google has discontinued displaying PageRank publically now, so you are at your guesswork for high PR backlinks.

PageRank has been, since its introduction, one of the most studied and discussed web positioning factors. It is also a first unknown factor to the ones who start SEO and make them lose sleep being obsessed with this magic number. Fortunately or unfortunately, no longer you have to lose sleep over this issue since on March 7, 2016 Google ‘killed’ PageRank officially for Public. Since this information is no longer visible on any tool, all pages have gone to have PageRank 0 publically.

The good news is that the Google PageRank continues to operate, although no longer to see, and this is why it is still important to know what it is, how it works, and what alternatives metrics can be used instead.

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What is PageRank?

Google PageRank is a ranking system developed by Google to measure the ‘Authority’ of a webpage, based on the quantity and quality of the links pointing to it. Although the complete description is more complex, you do not really need to know much more, but it is useful to know other important details.

Why is PageRank Important?

Google PageRank is one of the most important factors, but not only, to determine how the results will leave your website in search engines. And as you know, the higher you go, the more likely you are to get visitors.

The theory for calculating PR is simple as each link is interpreted as a ‘vote of confidence’ to a page. The more votes, the higher authority and higher PageRank, which facilitate better SERPs. Of course, this is a simplified explanation, because Google also takes into account, among other factors, the following and many more;

  • Domain authority that provides the link.
  • The thematic relevance of the webpage that links to you.
  • The text by which you link ‘anchor text’
  • The place of link on the page

The PR, like most SEO metrics, is important as a relative value. A webpage with a PR1 can be positioned above the one with a PR3 if your on-page SEO is superior.

How is PageRank Calculated?

Look, it is calculated using a series of algorithms that study the pages indexed by Google robots, and assign a number that describes its relative importance compared to other indexed pages. Now it is not necessary to understand how this mechanism works, you just need to know that it exists and must be taken into account. In addition, the algorithm that calculates the PR is based on mathematical formulas developed by Google whose current variables are largely unknown.

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