The reply to what is the best heating system has no single answer, because it depends on factors such as the energy needs of the housing, orientation, level of isolation, and even the number of inhabitants is also a very important factor, the type of energy that we have, it is not the same to have the electrical connection to have or not the natural gas supply network or have tanks or gas cylinders propane, diesel, depending on the installation of the energy that count. Here we will try to find what different heating solutions are available for consideration.

What should be taken into account are aspects relating to energy efficiency, ecodesign and equipment maintenance. Here I offer several tips to take into account when choosing the best heating system for your house.

Ecodesign and Energy Labeling

Heating and hot water use are also responsible for a large number of polluting emissions into the atmosphere, so the purchase of ecodesign and energy labeling systems is encouraged as they are products with greater energy efficiency and environmental performance. The energy rating is an indicator of the efficiency of the product, so keep that in mind when purchasing energy related products.

Efficient Heating Systems

The ecodesign promotes the installation of low temperature boilers and condensing boilers, considering that energy consumption compared to other gas boilers is reduced, and therefore also reduce the number of emissions. In addition to energy saving condensing boiler with radiators working at variable temperature with control systems is an improvement of energy efficiency of the entire installation, so it represents the added value for housing, and also in improving the classification of the energy certificate of housing.

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There is another fundamental aspect and that is the product to be installed. If you are thinking about renovating your thermal installations note those products and facilities that allow you to reduce energy consumption and emissions of CO2. Take advice from a professional to know what the best heating system for your home is or which one meets the energy needs of your home.

Energy Efficiency of Heat Pumps

The heat pump is a highly efficient heating system, which achieves high energy efficiency. The heat pump is able to produce 10 KW of power to cover the heating needs of a house and with the advantage that, while a quarter of the energy consumed is electric, the other three part comes from a renewable energy source i.e. air, water and land.

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