The rings are a powerful accessory that can be used as a signal of status or to accent an outfit. A variety of social and cultural influences continue to make men’s rings a hot ticket item. They are not worn by every man or in every circumstance, so you have to be very careful regarding the selection of rings as it can make you stand out from the crowd and show off your social standing.

The most common ring worn by the millions of men worldwide is the wedding ring, although the trend of promise rings for men is also turning out to be increasingly popular now. These rings are worn proudly and often as a symbol of the relationship between a man and his spouse.

Because the wedding ring is worn so often, there are a lot of men who choose simple rings of gold, silver or platinum and wear the ring unobtrusively on their ring finger. This makes sure that the ring sends the correct message as a symbol of commitment rather than appearing gaudy or out of place.

By contrast, there are many men who choose the rings in line with the traditions of their own culture and may wear them on different fingers. These pieces serve as conversation starters and serve to remind the men of their cultural uniqueness as well as their devotion to their partner.

The Class or Fraternity Ring

Another common type of the rings for men is the class or fraternity ring. They often feature an emblem or logo of some sort and are usually made of titanium, as well as steel, and silver. These rings for men who have graduated or belonged to fraternal societies usually serve to indicate their education and social membership.

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Generally speaking, the owners of these rings exercise some discretion when they are wearing them. In social situations, their presence can allow the members of a fraternity to identify each other but in an environment where meeting a fellow brother is unlikely, many men eschew these rings in favor of other bands or empty fingers.

Wearing a class or fraternity ring is essentially a subtle brag. While this brag can serve as an icebreaker, status elevator or conversation piece in many settings, in other settings it is considered tawdry, rude or meaningless. At a high school reunion, a college class ring might set you apart from your peers. At a meeting in a law firm, all of the men present will have graduated college multiple times, rendering the meaning of the ring insignificant.

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