Frontal Cross

In this type of holster, the pistol is placed on the left side covered with the jacket. It is another good method for women, but it needs a long movement, so that our hand reaches the hilt. It is a delator movement and forces us to keep the arm glued to the abdomen to draw, with the danger of the attacker to immobilize if we try at a short distance. Of course, once we reach the weapon, we must make another wide arc to adopt the firing position

Inside Holster

Generally, it is worn inside the pants, and can be in any of the positions we have studied so far. This type of cover offers better conditions of concealment, as the barrel does not protrude outside of the trousers, and you can wear jackets or shorter shirts which is very common to see the arms appear under the shirt or jacket when sitting and being pressed against the body by the belt, the lump is less evident.

On the other hand, we must use longer belts and even a trousers of a greater size. Women and obese people may feel discomfort by pressing the butt against the ribs or abdomen. It is also important that the holster is rigid to be able to sheath without ‘crushing’ the mouth of it. The holster is only 50% of the system while the other 50% is the belt. To ensure that the weapon will not move or you will be uncomfortable, you should use a belt that fits with sleeve’s eyelets; some models have adjustable eyelets for different belt widths. This is more important that the greater the weight of the weapon, and also applies to other accessories, such as charger covers, flashlights, sprays, etc.

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Anklets Holster

The ankle holster is not a good place to carry the primary weapon but can be good for the back-up weapon. In certain cases, such as people who are sitting or driving a lot may be the most accessible way. The US policemen who serve on airlines often carry the primary weapon this way. Some people cannot tolerate the ankle holster for the reason that the sheath irritates the nerves of the leg in addition to needing large leggings.

Waistband Holster

It is a good way to warn that we carry a gun. Any professional will assume that a good sized bundle contains a weapon until it does not prove otherwise. Another drawback is that you need 2 hands to draw. If you need the weapon when you are doing something with the other hand, for example, fighting an attacker, you will compromise the draw.

Tuckable Holster

This type of inner holster was invented by Dave Workman, in which a fold of the same holster serves to remit the shirt, leaving the weapon totally hidden. It is a good choice for low risk situations where it is more important to go unnoticed than to have the weapon ‘by hand’.

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