Weight, Material and Water Resistance

Most LED flashlights are constructed of aluminum making them stronger in body and light in weight. Some models have the option of stainless steel or strong plastics, but it depends on the brand and the purpose. The advantage of aluminum allows you to cover certain parts well and make the LED flashlight water resistant. If it has been made following the international standards IPX-8, it can even serve to submerge up to 2 meters.

Body Size

It is an important factor when you want to buy an LED flashlight, since the last thing you want to do is carry something very heavy on all sides. And if you take it from one country to another, you will do well for the suitcase that weighs little. Traditionally, to have good light, it is needed to have a lot of battery and this meant carrying a heavy flashlight, but luckily it is not like that.

While it is true that in some cases, as the police carry some larger ones, the truth is that for other tasks, you do not need a heavy one. The battery upgrades and their energy efficiency have made powerful and extremely compact flashlights.

Types of Batteries

Use of the typical alkaline batteries in your flashlight can give you good performance. However, in order not to have to use a battery charger all the time, you will sometimes want to use batteries of linux, since it will last longer and many users prefer it. But you will have to pay more for this feature, so depending on what you are looking for, it will or will not be ideal.

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Power and Modes

Some LED flashlights offer modes or ‘speeds’ to say depending on the lighting you are looking for. They usually range from low, medium, high and turbo/maximum brightness. But it is not all because there are the options of thin, concentrated type pencil light, perfect for targeting concrete objects, extra wide to cover wide areas, emergency mode to call attention and blink mode for different survival and emergency options.

What about Brands?

Some people look for Fenix lanterns for the reason that they sound like the brand is good. Ranger Made has reviewed and has prepared a list of the flashlights of the best value for money. You should never end up buying the ones made in China, as they are not reliable.

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