You have been wondering and these are your answers as to what is in Google Pixel
Google Pixel is a wonder. We as users do not know much about it and it led me to assess the latest offering from Google for all its wonders and little secret. As to what is inside it? Well let’s take a look at what we found out about what is actually in a Google Pixel phone.

It’s Google’s Phone.

When Google tells you that they are offering a phone, there is going to be Google in it. It is the operating system for the phone which is good news for all of those who rely on Google and its services for its day to day function. Google Pixel is a great, Google carrier if you have been waiting for a device that is Google friendly. Mostly android phones have to have Google related apps installed and updated but Google Pixel has that feature built into it so it is a Google phone in simple terms.

Unlimited Storage

While the phone might come in a limited built in storage memories. Every android phones normally does but there is another added advantage. As we have mentioned, it is the Google phone and it is adapted to Google apps so it is also adapted with Google Photos and videos which means that you will have access to unlimited space in Google memory storage so click away and remain assured that you can take as many as you want.

Damn Those Pictures!

Talking about photos and videos, you always need a good camera to take out desired photographs. While Google Pixel might not be flaunting the best cameras in the market but the camera quality is still better than a lot of phones. Working at micro angles, the camera takes pictures at finer resolution with HDR qualities that let you fine tune your camera to take DSLR camera pictures from your phone. Beat that other phone companies.

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User Friendly Base

Google has always believed in making user friendly products and Google Pixel is no exception. The Google Pixel has a high-quality resolution display which allows for a vivid display for your videos and games. It also offers a great battery charging power which allows you to be charged at all times on the go.

Security Matters

Google watches over you always. Other than the fingerprint unlock option, Google Pixel has the added online security as well. Photos, data, videos and everything else are protected by Google which has been a tested security system.

Efficient Assistant

For every pro-Google user, Google Pixel is the dream phone. It will sync with all Google services and it will be accessible from the phone. Windows have achieved such a feat with all related hardware and Google is taking it to the software level now. To help the user navigate through all of it, Google provides an assistant which will adapt to all the Google functions for the user.

Google Pixel Dubai is the Google phone that you’ve been looking for since the Nexus line went out of production.

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