From celebrity-chef restaurants to traditional Arabian food stalls, you can spend several days and nights exploring the restaurants in Dubai. The city features an exciting restaurant scene and the high-end hotels are home to some of the best restaurants in the world. From inspiring food to meticulously chosen interiors, the restaurants in Dubai take care of every small detail to impress their guests. Though a Muslim city, some of the licensed hotels in Dubai are allowed to sell alcohol. However, the visitors can find several unlicensed restaurants and cafes outside the posh hotels.

The aura of Dubai is such that it attracts visitors from different parts of the world. People from various sections of life come to this wonderful emirate to discover the multicultural atmosphere and a wide variety of cuisines. For people who want to enjoy dining out, there is no dearth of restaurants as they can find a variety of dining options. Some of the top eating establishments have been set aside for the wealthy that offer dishes that are too good to be eaten.

Some of the restaurants in Dubai are placed in the locations from where the guests can enjoy amazing views of the city lights or scenes of the passing dhows. For fine dining, visit the restaurants in Jumeirah or Chinatown or in Bur Dubai. For affordable choices, visit souqs and local markets where you can grab snacks and light meals. The food available at the food carts across Dubai should be tried at least once. You can find a mix of Arabian and South Asian food at these food carts.

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Making reservation before visiting restaurants Dubai is a common practice and it is especially necessary in cases where restaurant is a famous one. Some of the trendy restaurants might require you to provide an ID proof and your credit card number. It should be kept in mind while ordering that Dubai is a Muslim city and pork is not served at the restaurants. If a restaurant has to serve pork, it needs to get a special permission from the authorities. Restaurants that serve pork clearly list the dishes in their menu.

Emirati cuisine served at a number of restaurants in Dubai has its own qualities and unique taste. UAE has always been at the crossroad of cultures and hence the cuisine carries a lot of influence from South Asian and European flavors. The restaurants in Dubai offer a humble atmosphere where guests can relax while enjoying a meal. A number of cafes in Dubai serve traditional shisha pipe with different flavors of tobacco.

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