Dubai is one of the most lavish places for anyone to have fun. Whether you are visiting the city for leisure or for business, there are a number of things that you can do in Dubai. The numerous sights and the exclusive shopping and dining experiences that the city offers keep the visitors occupied throughout their stay. When it comes to dining and choosing a restaurant in Dubai, there are numerous enticing choices. Whether you are looking for a restaurant that serves a specific cuisine or just a regular place to eat, there are several options.

Some of the finest restaurants in Dubai are located inside the lavish hotels. If you are looking forward to enjoy a great meal along with live entertainment, you can find several options. A restaurant Dubai offers different types of cuisines, from Middle Eastern to Iranian, Indian, European, Lebanese, Moroccan, in fact, there are numerous options. If you are looking for a restaurant that offers wine and dine, then pick one that is located in the luxury hotels. A number of restaurants in Dubai do not have the license to serve alcohol.

You can find some exclusive restaurants that offer amazing views along the Dubai Creek in Bur Dubai. The culinary scene in Dubai is quite diverse. Most of the hotels in Dubai provide you with a visitor’s magazine that informs you about the recommended restaurants. You can also enquire at the concierge information desk about the most recommended restaurants in the city. The Dubai Festival City has over a 100 elite cafes and bistros. In this area, you can easily find a restaurant serving seafood, BBQ delicacies and also Chinese, Italian and French cuisines.

If you are looking for an affordable meal, try out the Indian and Pakistani restaurants. These restaurants are available abundantly and serve delicious and budget-friendly food. No matter what you opt to eat while staying in Dubai, you should definitely try the Arab cuisine at least once. The historic section of the city Deira also has a number of affordable and excellent restaurants such as Boardwalk Restaurant Dubai. In case you are looking forward to enjoying a unique dining experience in the desert of Dubai, you can dine at a restaurant located in the desert resorts.

Making a reservation at a Dubai restaurant is the normal way of booking for a dinner. The restaurants in Dubai are usually categorized into five types namely Gastronomic, Business, Trendy, Budget, and Personal Recommendation. While making a reservation, you might have to provide your credit card number and at times a proof of identity, but this rule is followed only by certain restaurants.

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