My girlfriend is always calling me a know-it-all and telling me that I have way too much useless information floating around inside my head. I’m great at playing trivia games and can actually say that the team that I’m on almost always wins in the end. She calls me her Encyclopedia Man and has been bugging me for a while now to go back to high school. Unfortunately, I just don’t have the time to do it. So I decided to play a little joke on her.

I wanted to buy a diploma online, a fake one but it would have to look amazingly authentic for me to be able to pull off my little scheme that I had in my head. I was able to find a printer that I felt would be able to do the best job on my fake diploma. The information on the website was extensive and since they had been in business for so long, I decided that they were the perfect company to print my fake diploma to help me pull off my joke on my girlfriend.

I chose to receive a diploma in psychology. In my mind, it would have been the best because after all, I was planning on messing with her head for a while. The fake diploma was definitely going to help me out with the joke of the century and would hopefully get her to understand that I didn’t have to have the real thing to prove my brain power.

The ordering process for my fake diploma was surprisingly easy and when it was delivered, I was surprised at exactly how real it did look! I had it framed and placed it on the wall in my living room. Then all I had to do to get the joke started was wait for her to notice it. Surprisingly, it took a few days before she actually noticed it on the wall.

Needless to say, she was shocked and then started to interrogate me a bit. Why didn’t I tell her? Why didn’t I go to the graduation ceremony? How had I done it without her knowing about it? I just smiled and told her that it wasn’t really that big of a deal but if she wanted, since I had majored in Psychology, I could now analyze her and tell her about her personality traits and why she has always been so fixated with me getting a degree.

She stopped short at that statement and kept looking back and forth between me and my fake diploma on the wall. I could see that she was thinking intensely and now trying to put everything together in her head. So I told her it was fake that I had purchased online to play the joke. She was a good sport about it and we shared a pretty good laugh.

Now when friends come over to my house, my girlfriend is in on the joke. ‘Ask him anything. He’s a never-ending pool of information.” She will tell them while pointing up at my fake diploma hanging prominently on the wall.

The questions pour out and I answer. Sometimes with the real answer, sometimes not. But every time I look across the room at my girlfriend, she’s just sitting there smiling. All because she knows that fake diplomas fake out our friends. She is getting hers very soon. She just hasn’t decided what she wants to be yet. I never imagined this would be so much fun. I suggest you to visit Faux Diplôme to get one for yourself.

We have the commitment of an identical quality to the original diploma regarding the graphics, typography, aged effects, printing, detail, color, paper weight and color. A specimen copy will be sent by email before you make the final print.    We show you after-trade pictures in HD quality and in your name of your degree prior to payment and shipment.

To order your fake diploma, you are exactly at the right place, whether for a former or recent graduate, please make an inquiry. The reasons why you should order are many such as the loss of the original diploma, you want to decoration one on the wall and impress your friends and clients or any other.

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Many sites are selling fake diplomas on the internet, but they do not have our experience nor our quality. This is often that they simply scan the degree found on the internet, and proceed even with sometimes spelling mistakes. They often require a deposit to show you without any result, which, of course, is not our case. To demonstrate our skills, we reassure you before the payment a model of fake diploma is sent to you, and we expect your approval before starting the printing process.

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The Process of Order Placement

1 – Fill out the Form

In the first step, you fill out the form with your specifications.

2 – Order Confirmation

You receive an order confirmation email and we start working on your order.

3 – Copy for Finalization

You receive a mock copy in HD with your name on the diploma or degree. Once you confirm it, we give a go-ahead to fro the print.

4 – Finally, you receive your fake diploma.

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