When our first child was born, his place to sleep was the bassinet. There we put it every time we fell asleep and there we tried to spend the nights between shots, because there we believed that was where the babies should sleep. A terrible sublingual frenulum made the shots very frequent and that breastfeeding on the bed and passing it to the bassinet would be an impossibility; there is no human being who could endure so many awakenings and lay awake waiting for the baby to finish suckling the breast. As a results, we actually spent more and more time the in bed.

I searched online and after reading some material, I found that co sleeping with the baby is the best choice we have. For some time, I continued researching and reading about this option and I realized that co sleeping is no longer just an option, but there are so many benefits, and now it seemed the most logical solution for me. I always recommend my friends mummies to co sleep with their babies and here I will tell you why it is so beneficial.

Sleeping with the baby is beneficial because it is calmer. Surely there is no person who does not enjoy the contact. Can you raise your hand that you would not enjoy a little massage and caresses right now? We all like to be touched, to give us a massage and to caress us. Well, the babies feel in the same way too, but the difference is that they like it all the times, be it in day or night.

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Why do you think that when a premature baby is born in the neonatal units, they almost force you to put it on the chest? No matter if you are the mother or the father, they tell you to remove the top and to put on a gown and to put the baby, only with his diaper with in skin to skin contact. It is called kangaroo method that has been proven beneficial for the reason that the babies pick up more weight, have more stable and calmer heart rates, have better health and you may leave hospital early.

Well, if you do not have a premature baby, you can do the same, have that touch, that affection and those caresses with your baby, when you have it with you at night, next to you in a co sleeper, and you do not have to get off the bed to soothe or feed the baby. Having a co sleeper is highly recommend as the baby stays safe in a co sleeper and there is no risk of falling.

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