Having a tough time deciding between Microsoft’s Xbox and Sony’s Play Station 4? This article is definitely ‘the cure’ for all the confusion. Xbox and PS4 both were launched in 2013 but they were redesigned with better features and launched in 2016. Here are a few reasons as to why the new PS4 Pro is all that you should opt for:

3 Times More Horsepower Than The Xbox One S

The PS4 Pro is a beast in the modern world of technology. It has 4.14 Teraflops as compared to the Xbox One S which has 1.32 Teraflops. For those who are not computer professionals they just need to know that Teraflops are basically just a measure of how fast the computers speed is. While doing the price comparison it looks a fair deal as you only have to invest $100 more for three times more speed.

PS4 Pro Is A More Robust 4K Gaming Machine Than The Xbox

The Xbox One S utilizes the same up scaling software for HDR as the 4K televisions. Whereas special software side programs have been utilized for up scaling purposes in PS4 Pro that provide much in depth detailing to the 4K games, hence it has a much more powerful GPU.

Virtual Reality Is Just About To Get Real With The PS4 Pro

The new Sony PS4 Pro is all set to bring VR headsets with it. It may not be the best one but it will definitely be the cheaper one and convenient to use. The headset is available for $399. Over 50 games will be able and you are set to take on the world of virtual reality games with this PS4 Pro and headset combo.

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Sony Is Still One Step Ahead

With the everyday race continuing between Sony and Microsoft, Sony still has a better range of games to offer than the ones by Microsoft. There’s no need to go about and tell everyone about the amazingness that Sony PS4 already offers with games like The Uncharted 4 and Blood borne. Sony is still set to make exclusive games like the new God of war as they have already much set first and third party developers who play a significant role in making Sony the company it is today.

Future Proof It Is

A product isn’t worth a purchase if it doesn’t last for a long time. I’m sure all of us here agree to this. Microsoft here has revealed the news of the upgraded Xbox in 2017 which means the ones wanting to purchase an Xbox at present won’t be much happy to hear about it, either they will have to wait. Whereas Sony is all set and in the mood of nowhere to go. It is worth a buy since its pretty convenient and going nowhere any soon.

Most Of The World Is Busy Playing PS4 Games

Numbers definitely matter and Sony is far ahead in this race than Microsoft for many obvious reasons, much of which have already been listed in this article. Sony has sold over 40 million units whereas the number remains to be 20 million for Microsoft which is half of it.

Due to its convenience, longevity and attention to detail Sony PS4 Pro Dubai is the best option to purchase. So gamers what are you waiting for, go and make a purchase. Happy Gaming!

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