The smartphones takes everything to the next level when it comes to launching a new model. The new Samsung phones; Galaxy S8 edge and S8 Plus have all identical features except a few, which obviously make Plus standout from edge. Samsung has faced a huge reputation loss after it had to face explosion of its last models Samsung Galaxy S7. For company planned to give best battery to world, phones could not take load. It was now up to the company how would it get the people’s trust to build again.


The Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus has the design to go crazy for. The flat screens is too mainstream, the phone has a curved touchscreen display with the whole screen taking the place on the front. The nearly bezel-less front enables the phone to give the expanding screen effect. This phone is so far the most stylish phone that the company has ever come up with. The body from the outside is not the best feature, the body being water proof and dust proof is. Galaxy has been made advanced with the body protection. The spilling of water or the hitting of dust will not destroy the phone but will be immune to these Phone Accessories


The phone also has the iconic feature of fingerprint scanner but this time the scanner has been placed at the back of the phone. This might not be such a smart move by the makers. The scanner is on the back side next to the back camera lens. Now we will touch the back for the scanner and end up touching the camera. Then wonder why the pictures are getting blurred. But once you get use to of it scanner might be most enjoyable feature. Another irresistible feature of phone is sharing same song. How does that happen? Galaxy S8 Plus enables the phone to be connected with two pairs of Bluetooth earphones playing the one song being played on the phone. This is what you call awesome.

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Samsung has always been known for the amazing camera quality. The Galaxy S8 Plus has a 12MP camera, which is by far the best camera a smart phone can have other than that thanks to new improvements, the camera just gets better. The low-light might just not stop you from taking great photos and the bigger deal is that the video OIS is way smoother than last year. Faster snapping is possible due to camera applications. Battery may be you concern after Galaxy S7 incidents but company was careful enough this time. The battery lifetime is 3,500mAh. The phone takes up to 1 and a half hour to charge completely. The charger is wireless and gives the phone one and a half day of batter. Thanks to the battery saving applications.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus is definitely worth the buy for all the features that we might not know of even now but once you get it. You might not regret anything about it.

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