Chocolate is one of the oldest groceries in the world and it is again more fashionable than ever, and all thanks to having managed to banish the myth of being a product detrimental to health. In ounces, in bar, in the form of pieces, melted or covered in a cake, a few foods can be presented in more ways, and all so pleasing to the palate because of chocolate. More and more studies extol many virtues and qualities of chocolate for health, and more and more doctors, dietitians and nutritionists recommend its daily intake, but like everything, in moderation.

Rich in Magnesium

Cocoa is a product that is rich in magnesium and makes it ideal for ‘sportsmen’ because of its nutritional value. This results in a muscular strengthening and a constant energy supply that favors the physical activity of a more continuous form.

Good for the Heart

Several doctors and dietitians are beginning to recommend cocoa to their patients to help reduce cardiovascular accidents. They are banishing the myth that chocolate is bad and more and more people are going to the pure cocoa for the reason that there is an awareness that our diet is important for our health.

Rich in Antioxidants

One of the main values of this longed for product lies in its richness in antioxidants. Cocoa butter is very special and has many antioxidant properties and chocolate is very rich in compound polyphenols, which have a deep antioxidant character. This also helps in preventing aging.

Differentiate from Industrial Chocolates

Something in which all teachers agree is to ‘differentiate’ the artisan chocolates from the industrial ones. They use vegetable fats other than cocoa and they kill the properties of cocoa and there is only 10% cocoa and the rest is sugar.

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It reduces cholesterol!

Another of the great benefits that have brought chocolate to a second youth are studies that show that their consumption in moderation helps to reduce cholesterol. Cocoa has a high percentage of oleic acid that lowers bad cholesterol and increases good cholesterol.

A Delicious Gift

Chocolate is an instant mood improver which makes it an ideal foe sending as a gift and you can witness the huge demand of chocolate on Valentine’s Day. Other than sending the chocolate on Valentine’s Day, you can use it to send as the corporate chocolate gifts Dubai as well to have stronger business relationships with your existing and potential business associates.

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