Sleeping with sleep mask, also called night mask, is highly recommended today. Well, I tell you, the sleep mask is a real need to have sound sleep at night. For those who have trouble falling asleep, this mask can greatly help you to sleep.


It blocks light completely depending on the brand and model.
It is lightweight, so you can take it on a trip.
It helps keep a fresh make-up, so it is especially recommended for girls.
It prevents rubbing eyes.
It is ideal for a nap.
It allows easy relaxation.
You are not awakened as soon as the first rays of the sunshine appear in the morning.
The sleep mask can be used in a session of relaxation and a break on a motorway area during a trip.

For the maximum efficiency of a sleep mask, you can use Quies balls.

Sleep Master’s Anti-Light and Noise Sleep Mask

This model will guarantee a reduction of noise and light in the most efficient manner among all the available models in the world. This sleep mask has been awarded the Sleep Master patent for its innovative technology. With its enveloping structure that covers both the face and the ears, it allows to sink into a deep sleep in a record time.

This sleep mask is attached behind the head with the Velcro straps. While the elastic straps tend to move when you turn your head, the Sleep Master mask stays perfectly in its place. Reduction of the light is guaranteed by a padded structure. The reduction in noise, is done due to the ear plugs that are delivered with it. Due to its covering structure, the ear plugs fit perfectly in place.

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Covered with a satin fabric, it is soft and breathable. It absorbs the sweat very easily and you will not have to worry about the dark circles when you wake up. It is a robust mask that does not fear washing at all. All seams are located inside, therefore, there is no risk that they will unravel over time.

Solid and very comfortable, this patented top of the line patented sleep mask will delight long haul for the travelers and it is perfectly suitable for the use in your house as well.

You can also view a huge variety of sleep mask on CompaRoid with thorough analysis of every product, so that you get the best one.

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