A satin sleep mask gives one the feel sensual satisfaction that only a quality satin sleep mask can bring. Satin makes a sexy appearance and adds a touch of elegance to a plain ordinary sleep mask. A satin sleep mask can even give an added romantic feel.

Satin material is a silky, smooth fabric that was originally made from silk found in China. When Europe started exporting this material during the 14th century, it became a prized possession throughout the region. It quickly became the favorite material of royal families. This is because of the luster and touch satin provides. There’s a certain weaving process that satin undergoes and is a very delicate fabric. Satin is preferred over silk because it is more economical.

Today, there is a wide variety of qualities and types of fabric that are sold as satin. So when shopping for a satin sleep mask look closely at the weave. Choose the sleep masks that are woven and not knitted. You can tell this when you look closely at the material.

Satin sleeps masks made from polyester and acetate have a coarser surface than woven satin. A coarser surface can make a satin sleep mask uncomfortable on your face. Choose a satin sleep mask that has a slick silky surface which woven satin offers.

If you prefer a sleep mask that has a cool luxurious feel, than consider a silk sleep mask. Silk has always been the status of luxury and elegance. For thousands of years, only the very elite and wealthy could afford silk. Even though it has always been harvested by simple farmers, silk has had a tremendous impact on the world of trade. Silk is more precious than gold and has always been in very high demand.

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Silk sleep masks give you a feeling of luxury while providing cool comfort to your eyes. However, silk is always as comfortable during the warmer weather. Wearing a silk sleep mask in the summer can induce sweating in and around the eyes, and smudge eye makeup. This is something you may want to consider when shopping for silk sleep masks. Silk products including sleep masks are not cheap especially when compared to cotton.

So before buying a sleep mask, consider the advantages and disadvantage of silk and satin. They both are extremely comfortable to wear, and make you feel elegant and sexy. However, be prepared to pay more than the average price for either one of these types of sleep masks.

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