The modern technology keeps getting better day by day. The advancements made in the latest designed drone, Mavic Pro has not only changed the entire game of its earlier drone sibling but also by bring better on every edge. Mavic Pro is not only compact but incredibly efficient when it comes in a comparison with the other drones.

Size Doesn’t Matter

Whoever came up with the quote “size doesn’t matter” fits perfectly on the new Mavic Pro. As compared to its sibling, Mavic Pro, was the most light weight drone. A drone need to have a compact size and this size needs not to create difference upon the efficiency of the craft. The size of unfolded diagonal size of Pro is just 15 mm smaller than Phantom 4, and smaller aircraft, is at 1.6 pounds, over a pound lighter than bigger sibling. The characteristic of having a smaller drone is an ideal thought and who doesn’t likes a smart innovation Satellite

A Thrill For The Operator

Operating a Mavic Pro is a pleasure itself. The testing of drones definitely involves, crashing the drones a couple of times. Weather the reason is bas signals, distance or technicalities. The Mavic Pro when tested was stable and there was no chance of a crashing down of drones even while testing this one.

The Uniqueness Will Win Over Your Heart

The design of the new Mavic Pro drone is an architecture itself. The device consists of a folding part which works like a Transformer. The wing are spread outside of the forward rotor arms wing, horizontally when drone is ready for the flight. The aft rotors swing down and back. The flying of the drone might have many folding to open and steps to be completed but this is how u get the ultimate pleasure of flying the new Mavic Pro.

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The Expert Of “Follow Me”

Every drone operator needs a charm in the “follow me” mode. It can be the key factor that needs to be present in case of adventures like hiking or snowboarding where the person needs to keep moving and the location keeps changing. The “follow me” is a tough task to accomplish as the errors may lead to technical problem in a flight. The Mavic Pro has the ability to recognize the radio signal provided by the controller and follow the signals of the operator wherever it goes.

The Cameras To Die For

Mavic Pro provides you with best camera control. The design involves the shot RC sticks on Mavic Pro’s controller which enable the operator to make subtle movements. Meanwhile, the camera facing the forward direction means rotating drone is only way to get different panoramic shots. If this does not excites you then, you need to know that Mavic Pro is not more to the cinematographic side but more towards mobile device.
If you are willing to buy it, DJI Mavic pro Dubai price is not high, so you can afford it easily.

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