A treadmill is more than just a machine. It helps the everyday exercise become easier and more manageable. The question is which one is most suitable for you? Here is the list of the top five treadmills to help you choose the best one:

If one is on paleo diet of some kind or a simple diet, food is not really an issue but exercise always presents a challenge. It is always a challenge to take out time and commit to exercise or workout of Routine

Basic System

This system helps the machines to be compact and enables it to store anywhere easily possible. Weslo is a system of four shells to give the user the complete smooth and comfortable running experience. The machine has a blue tint LCD display which not only has the setting and 6 work our routines installed but also monitors the work out, the steps, the mile, the weight loss and it also has a heart rate monitor through thumb sensor. People will not get as many features as this product offers in such a low price. That is true for sure.

Build-In Exercise Programs

The machine has 21 build-in exercise programs. The product usually come preprogrammed for the user to get easily comfortable. The machine has a USB port to save in the data. It keeps the accurate record of the steps of the user. It goes off automatically if the user steps off.


The top speed of this machine is 7.5 MPH. When ordered, this model arrives assembled, mostly. Ti move the machine from one place to another, it is supported with bottom wheels. The machine works according to the user’s comfort as its incline is manually adjusted. It is compatible for walking, so it’s not for runners. It has enhanced features like having handlebars with control buttons, it is quiet enough to watch TV along with walking on it and most of all it has no incline function.

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This treadmill has extra-long safety handles. It comes with speed controls on the handles as well. The product has a warranty of its motor and frame of 5-years. The biggest back draw, however, is that this product is made only for walking not running. The machine consists of a blue tint LCD display which had all the computer settings as well the 6 exercise routines are given. Along with its own care the operating system also performs a few more tasks to monitor over the work out, the steps, the mile, the weight loss and it also has a heart rate monitor through thumb sensor.

It is also speedy and its incline controls on the handles which makes it easy to use, you can keep it for family use. The running belt of this product can slip if not lubricated time after time. The features include cup holders, a reasonable demand for the price but a narrow walking surface.

Weslo Cadence G 5.9 is packed with many features, not only it is very affordable, but also you get features that are only found in high end machine, so don’t wait anymore and invest in it now.

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