Being a vacation lover and not going to a Dubai is unfortunate. The city is the ultimate vacation spot. People from all around the world head to this city for the few off duty days they get. Everything about this city is so mesmerizing. How can one resist affording a holiday and not going to this world of entertainment? Where every night can be party and every day is an adventure. Even if something new is to be planned daily, for some different adventure, one may not run out of activities for months. There is so much to do yet so little time before these days of fun end. As soon as you start getting along the partying pace, you will know it’s time to head back Vacation

One cannot just go to a trip to Dubai and now go for a desert safari. The one things that the Arab is famous for, how can you not be able to see it? The dessert. The dessert might not appeal to so many of you keeping in might the humidity, the sand dunes, and the heat. One can have so many excuses for not going to a dessert safari and only one reason to go, “that epic experience”. Who get out to a have fun and find excuses not to go on an adventure people wish to have just once in a lifetime and after all its Dubai you are headed to.

Dessert Safari

The desert safari is not simply a ride to the desert. If you are wondering why pay for just a drive in the desert? It is a complete package that the companies to the visitors and even the locals. These companies offer many kinds of entertainment plans in this adventure. There are different packages along with different timings of the day according to the budget and availability of the people willing to take a ride. There are different things that are offered in the packages.

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The morning safari is usually for a smaller trip as compared to the evening and night one’s. the morning trip includes only a few things which involve; the care to pick you, take you for a drive, which turns into dune bashing after a while, then comes the camel ride and the sand skiing is the most fun part of thins package.


The evening and night trips have 20-30 min of dune driving followed by sun set photography. There is not only one ride but another camel ride, the package also includes belly dancing. The bar is also an open option for the guests but it is on payment basis. The henna painting also keeps a place to add a bit of charm to the experience. The exotic hubblleebubblee (shisha) is definitely the specialty of Arab, the guests are also look forward to this special treat of the hosts. Later Arabic Coffee (gahwa) is served to the guest along with fresh dates which are also considered a delicacy of Arabian food. Now make sure that this year you do take your family on a desert safari Dubai trip.

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