An electric pencil sharpener is an electronic device used for making sharpened writing points of a pencil easily. It is one the useful item in stationery items list which can be used in offices, homes or schools. Electric pencil sharpeners are available in market in different sizes, shapes and prices. Mostly electric sharpeners are battery-operated.

Before the invention of electric pencil sharpeners, pencils was sharpened using a knife or a blade. This method has some safety issues and also sharpening was not uniform. Electric pencil sharpener overcame all these limitations of this old fashioned pencil sharpening. It made pencil sharpening faster, easier, and gave better uniform sharpening.

Since they are made by engineers, it attained its position in stationery items of offices, homes and schools easily. Even though new age pencil sharpeners got an important role in today’s world, for some special designed pencils like carpenters pencil, still old method of sharpening using knife is used.

There are various types of electric pencil sharpeners today with different sizes, shapes, colors, usability and prices. You need to buy which will be most suitable for your need. Here are some features of the latest and the best pencil sharpeners.

Pencil sharpeners which have more than one hole for sharpening pencils with different pencils sizes.

Heavy duty pencil sharpeners are available for institutions which have frequent usage of sharpening. These types will have large storage room for storing sharpened materials. So that frequent removal of waste from pencil sharpening is not needed.

Wall mounted pencil sharpeners are good for easy pencil sharpening.

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Sharpener with silent motor.

Special sharpeners are available for crayon pencils.

They have sturdy construction.

They are available with warranty for 2 or more years.

The energy is not drawn when motor is not operating.

They have auto-stop feature to prevent over sharpening.

They have superior heavy duty motor suitable for continuous work.

To put it briefly, an electric pencil sharpener is a lot more convenient and way better than sharpening your pencils manually because it will not only save you time but also help you make your pencils last longer by preventing any unnecessary pencil wastes. Be sure to choose a model that is suitable for your sharpening needs and get a heavy duty model if your budget allows it because it will be sturdier and capable of sharpening more efficiently. Here are some top selling brands of the electric pencil sharpeners available today in market with good reviews.

Evergreen Art Supply
Bostitch SuperPro

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