A lot of people dream for having log homes, but they don’t have, on the other hand, there are so many other people whose dreams have actually come true and now live in their dream residency. Seeing the picture of wood houses near lake or woods brings a huge source of relaxation and those who are living on such beautiful locations in their cabins are considered to be extremely lucky. However, the amazing experience of living in a log home can be quite painful if the dwellers have to suffer from the problems and surely there can be various problems. One of the major issues which is often faced by the wood cabin dwellers is wood decay.

The Biggest Cause of Damages to Log Home

Log homes often get damaged and one of the biggest causes of such damages is wood decay. The issues is considered to be hardest to handle due to involvement of a number of factors. The major reason for occurrence of this issue is simple or plain water which brings adverse effects over wood, causing ruining of entire structure of your house. Therefore, you can’t just ignore it if you really love your home.

What to Do to Avoid Damages to Home?

If you are thinking to build a new house or restore an old house but don’t want to face decay problem, you can do one simple thing before you start construction of your dream house and that is the right selection of logs because if you are failed to choose the right logs, you are not going to get the quality. The logs you want to use must be of good quality, dry, sturdy, rot free and the moisture must be minimal. Remember that just a single log that has got rotten will be the cause of damaging your entire house.

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How to Control Water Flow That ruins Walls and Ceilings?

Water mostly damages the walls of the cabin and this is often due to poor plan for roofing. Basically, the log house roof has bigger overhands which might be 2 feet to decrease back showy death traps instigated by rainwater. The use of enough downspouts and gutters will prevent water to get inside the walls which often happens when water comes from roof sides and trickles down in walls, making wood decay.

Final Words

During construction of the house, particular attention should be given to planning of structure and selection of logs to avoid such problems in future. Here is a useful reference of a log home service provider and hopefully you will find a lot of useful information stuff before you finally begin making your dream house.

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