Carpet floors are becoming more popular, and the typical choice in whole house. They are comfortable, soft and do not need much maintenance which is another benefit of using carpets and they also look clean most of the time. For this reason, it can be easy to forget to give them a deep cleaning and let more time spend than recommended. If you want to keep dust and bacteria away from your carpet, try cleaning them often. This guide will help you know how to take care of the carpets and remove common stains on the surface.

Regular Cleaning

To remove dust, you should vacuum your carpets once a week as a minimum. Areas of high traffic must be aspirated every day or every other day and do not forget the edges. Use a special piece for this area. And although it is not seen, you need to vacuum down the furniture also to remove all the dust.

To prevent odors, add a little baking soda over the whole surface, and let a few minutes pass and vacuum.

If you want the carpet to have a little scent, spread a few drops of essential oils in the corners. To give your carpet a regular cleaning, mix three cups of water in half a tablespoon of vinegar. Use this recipe to keep your carpet clean and fresh.

How to disinfect the carpet?

Families with babies or those with asthma sufferers should be more careful in keeping carpets clean, as dust can bring on allergic reactions. If this is your case, or you simply like to keep everything clean, disinfect your carpet. For this you will need the best carpet cleaner, because if you try to clean it by hand you run the risk of not removing all the cleaning liquid or water, and create mold.

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Remedy to Remove Stains on Carpet

Stains are one of the worst things that can happen to a carpet. Although many can be removed with a little soap and water, others are more complicated and best carpet stain remover. Always try to remove a stain as soon as possible. One simple recipe you can try is to mix two cups of water, three tablespoons of vinegar and one tablespoon of baking soda. Leave the solution in the stain for a few minutes, and use a sponge to remove the dirt. Try some of the following tips for different stains;


Mix one tablespoon of ammonia in half a cup of water and apply. Use a sponge to remove the stain.


Use hot water with dish soap. If the paint is dry, leave the solution to work for a few minutes.


Uses a dish detergent.

Animal Urine

Cover the area with vinegar and a layer of baking soda.


Use pure vinegar

Chewing Gum

Apply ice to freeze gum, and then remove.

Red Wine

Use white wine as a cleanser.

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