The mobile companies all around the world have started working for the best possible way of maximizing the features in Android phones, so that the best brand may win. Even with Samsung being the best Android company in the world, other companies have also developed their phone accordingly to make their own name. People prefer to buy phones according to their own personality. Xiaomi Mi 5 is the style statement we are going to analyze.

Affordable Price

The pricey smartphones usually have limited features with almost all same software. The people who need to buy a phone with equal quality of Samsung, but need the price to be limited to what they can afford. Where not every person can afford a Samsung galaxy S7 will make an effort to buy an equally good phone. The Xiaomi Mi 5 comes in an affordable price and has the specifications of a good Smartphone.

The Software Is Exactly What You Need

The faster the phone is the more buyers it gets. It is important for every Smartphone to have a good software. The software decides if the phone meets the market standards. Xiaomi MI 5 consists of Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 820 which is one of the best along with Android 6.0 Marshmallow. The processor makes this phone equally fast to a flying machine.

Personalize Your Stuff

The Xiaomi Mi 5 is the perfect balance of classy and stylish. One needs to keep his/her personal stuff according to his/her personality. The Xiaomi Mi boasts a 3D ceramic back with rounded edges. The phone is clearly stylish enough to create an impact on others. It enhances the look of the person carrying the phone.

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The Memory Game Going Strong

The processor is alone of no use if the memory of the phone is not enough. Xiaomi Mi 5 creates the perfect balance of the processor with the memory. The processor is Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 820 backed with 4 GB of on-board RAM, and internal storage space is a mighty 128 GB.

Camera Need To Be Main

In the world of social media, One needs to stay in touch with the people not only with words anymore. “A picture worth a thousand words”, the statement says it all. The trend of capturing memories and sharing them is all that people are doing nowadays. The basic demand in a cellphone is that the camera needs to be good. The other specifications aren’t too shabby either. The camera isn’t quite at the top of the class it’s still a perfectly decent 16 MP model with a 4 MP selfie camera.

After knowing all of these features, now you must consider about getting this Smartphone as this is the best thing you can do, even if you are a person who is in need of a camera every day, then this is the best one you can get without any doubt, you will love this and the price is not that much high also. So you must get the Xiaomi Mi 5S UAE.

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